facing challenges head on!

Dated: 04/06/2019

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Elgin and Pilar Walker

The Elgin and Pilar Walker team specializes in helping families build legacies through buying and selling real estate. We have a combined 45 years + of full-time real estate experience. We help famil....

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Listing properties in one thing and selling them is another. The real estate market has more challenges today than a few months back. Make sure you hire the right team!;

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3 tips to get multiple offers on your home!

There is not an exact science to getting multiple offers on a listing you have but there some general rules of marketing, listing etc that will give options and MAY generate multiple listings on

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Did the market shift again?

The short answer is yes.  Here is the reason why.  Late 2018 the Federal reserve SHIFTED its guidance to a "tighting" and interest rates going higher.  That would make the rates to US

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